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Dario Atena

The Sons of Thunder

The Sons of Thunder

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This biographical book explains, for the first time in modern times, all the secrets of this Initiation and how it was experienced by the author. They are secrets linked to the well-known myths of Attis and Osiris.

"The second Sun (the "second hypostasis" of Rabbi Drach) appeared subjected to a test, when Vishvakarma, the Hierophant, severed seven of its rays and replaced them with a crown of thorns, when the "Sun" became Vikartana, deprived of its rays After this, the Sun - represented by a neophyte ready to be initiated - was made to descend into the Patala, the lower regions, for the test of Tantalus. Emerging as a triumphant, he emerged from this region of sensuality and iniquity, to once again become Karmasakshin , witness to the Karma of men, and again rose triumphant in all the glory of his regeneration, like the Graha Raja, the King of Constellations, addressed by the appellation of Gabbastiman, "reintegrated in his rays".

In the ancient Vedas we talk about the Solar initiation as a rite of Death and Resurrection, we talk about thorns like those placed on the head of Jesus, we talk about rays, like those seen on the head of the Statue of Liberty.

I Sons of Thunder is a book that also talks about all this but, above all, about a initiatory experience experienced firsthand.

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Author: Darius Athena
178 illustrations

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