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Enrico Harish Campanile

The flowers of silence

The flowers of silence

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Invitations to remember yourself. Palindrome book, this one. The flowers of silence it is read from the beginning or from the end: "the silent meaning does not change and is expressed through simple words, so imbued with That as to reveal the most intimate Truth of ourselves, which is the same as the Whole.

Clarity is the brilliant quality with which Harish Enrico presents the message, speaking clearly of the mental deceptions that prevent Seeing. The Truth must be Seen with a total focus, so powerful as to burn the illusion; only thus is she savored and embodied.

Those who seek the Truth often set out carrying many misunderstandings, teachings read or heard, but not really understood. So you make vicious circles, following a wrong map and get lost in the intricacies of thought.

Clarification is essential, by stopping dreaming of the nebulous and imaginary goals of enlightenment. Harish Enrico gives the traveler clear indications, like a Friend who meets along the way and who lovingly lends himself to give valid suggestions on the Way.”

The Book in numbers:
Pages: 160
Author: Harish Enrico
Necklace: The wise
Images: 19
Edition: 2020

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