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Giancarlo Piccolo

Il mio incontro col male

Il mio incontro col male

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Unpublished testimonies of Italian priests and exorcist priests.
One of the biggest deceptions of Malignant, the Devil, is to make people believe that he does not exist. This is probably the case, especially today, when our society, so distracted by the ephemeral, by the technological, so devoid of roots, of depth, forgetful of ancient wisdom, seems to have abandoned itself to living without values, without references, in a conditioned and senseless, clinging to an irrational fear, which risks leading us into the dead ends of existence.

This is why a book like this one by Giancarlo Piccolo is of considerable importance. Because through a detailed study on the figure of Devil from a historical-cultural point of view and through some enlightening interviews with eminent Italian exorcists, their accounts of exorcism, opens our eyes to what seems to be an undeniable reality.

An investigative book, therefore. On the visible and the invisible, on that irrational and eschatological part of our existence, evil, the devil, which we often tend not to look at and which instead is of fundamental importance.

The Book in numbers:
Pages: 152
Author: Giancarlo Piccolo
Necklace: The wise
Edition: 2021

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