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Valentino Bellucci

Sankhya Yoga. The esoteric teachings of Kapila-deva

Sankhya Yoga. The esoteric teachings of Kapila-deva

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The Śānkhya-Yoga. The esoteric teachings of Kapila-deva

Sānkhya means 'enumeration' and concerns the study of reality by analyzing and identifying all its elements. The classic text of this school is the Sāmkhyakārikā of Ǐsvarakrishna (between the 1st/5th century CE), although its root goes back to Kapila deva (an Avatara).

According to this view there are two cosmic macro-realities: the Puruṣa and the Prakriti. The Puruṣa is the spiritual subject who observes the Prakriti, i.e. the matter in its various manifestations.

The gross elements arise from the finer elements and the ultimate cause is non-material; it is therefore a denial of materialism. The souls, the single Puruṣa, witness the modifications of the body and of matter as spectators.

It is identification with the body that creates the illusion of belonging to the material world in the soul. The Puruṣas are pure consciousness, mere witnesses; it is the psychological ego that experiences pleasures and pains, as a reflection of the consciousness linked to the body through the illusion/dream called ahamkara: as long as the dream remains, the illusory bond of the soul with matter continues.

The purpose of Śānkhya is to allow the awakening of the subject, of the true self, trapped in the dream of a fictitious identity.

The Book in numbers:
Pages: 112
Author: Valentino Bellucci
Necklace: Eastern Esoteric Studies
Publication: 2021

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