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Antonio Bonifacio

The third eye. Organ of creative imagination

The third eye. Organ of creative imagination

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Comparative considerations on "subtle centres". All religions, including Christianity (surprisingly) conceive the human being as a complex and articulated system made up of visible and invisible elements. The third Eye, organ of creative imagination is present in all traditions, explicitly or veiled.

In India the subtle component of the organism is experienced as a coordinated system of centers - i chakra. In the kabbalah the sephirothic system identifies itself with the occult structure underlying the physical body, a "spiritual skeleton" to which the body of flesh is interconnected.

Ancient Egypt is no less around the knowledge of this corporality. In the sufism this skeleton is identified with the centers called lata'if, on the visualization of which the ascetic efforts of the meditator are centered.

In the Far East - China and Japan - religious practice is centered on the activation of these occult components, inaccessible to the senses.

In the Nordic world the rune system is associated with subtle physiology, the activation of which contributes to the achievement of the proposed spiritual result, to the point that this system is called runic cabala.

Looking further into the different religious traditions, we find further evidence of the knowledge of this subtle corporeity and of the ways of accessing it, to the creative imagination.

And the Christianity? The answer is complex and the text proposed here for the attention of the reader would like to offer some preliminary answer to this intriguing question.

The Book in numbers:
ISBN: 9791280418319
Pages: 352
Author: Anthony Bonifacio
Edition: 2022
Format: 14.8x21cm

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