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Dario Atena

Initiatory teaching

Initiatory teaching

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The author reports a series of important lessons, a Western initiatory knowledge of an esoteric type, carried out in the form of dialogue, conversations for two, which usually took place in the shade of a linden tree.

Beyond the symbolism and the literary "fiction", the work contains the most extensive, documented and in-depth exposure of the western initiatory knowledge, of which moreover frequently goes back to the origins, reconstructing the sources of this knowledge, often found in the Bible and in the Gospels, in the Egyptian civilization and in the Mesopotamian, Assyrian, Sumerian, Babylonian, and so on .. through tortuous but not inexplicable ways, such as for example the symbology of the Tarot and of the Apocalypse, the esoteric re-reading of ancient texts and the occult wisdom tradition, this ancient knowledge has come down to us. Equally evident, it appears that the custodians and connoisseurs of the initiatory science, those who for centuries and in various forms have kept the ancient flame alight, preserved and handed down, are today's adepts of the Brotherhood of Light. In fact, in the symbology, hierarchy and Masonic order, we find the ancient and new Jerusalem, the one that will open its doors of light to true seekers.

However this is not, and does not want to appear, a "partisan" work, addressed to a few, but a work by all and for all, therefore intended for all those who sincerely wish to gain access to the truest and most extensive initiatory knowledge.

The dialogue, simple and understandable, makes it truly suitable for everyone: a sort of revelation of ancient secrets made by a "don Juan" of the Western world.

180 detailed illustrations make understanding the text easier and more pleasant

The ebook in numbers:
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