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Nicoletta Bartolo

The intuitive intelligence of the heart

The intuitive intelligence of the heart

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From antiquity to the present day, dal Ancient heart to quantum physics

This book deals with the theme of the intuitive intelligence of the Heart, starting from its origins - in ancient times it was considered the seat of the intellect - reaching up to the most recent re-evaluations of the Ancient heart by the quantum physics.

Science has just discovered the field of Love, the very Source of our world and the Heart puts us in touch with the dynamic of Unity, which is the essence of the field of Love. quantum energy . When we perceive reality using the Heart, we live an experience of unity, in every moment.

All, every form, every organism in whatever form, all aspects of manifested life in every kingdom in nature are intimately related to each other through the planetary etheric body. This new conception leads to abandon the illusion of separation originating from the mind and the illusory world of the ego and enter the self knowledge.

If we entrust the direction of our life to our Heart, it will put us in touch with all the Creative Power.

The Book in numbers:
Pages: 144
Author: Nicoletta Bartolo
Necklace: The wise
Images: 32
Edition: 2020

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