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Enrico D'Errico

I am a soul

I am a soul

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Find yourself and enter the Kingdom of God. I don't presume to think that my book is indispensable for your spiritual growth, but know that I have been sifted and refined from existence through particularly harsh trials. I passed through the “desert”; there I met humility, patience, perseverance, all qualities that I did not possess: I am a soul !

Years ago I began to desire to know the truth, because through it I could free myself from the grip of hypnosis and help other people on the same path as me. We come to the planet with a specific purpose that we then forget. Could this be what makes our life so frustrating and meaningless?

There life it's a wonderful gift! But if we "sleep" our life will certainly be a inferno. If you think you can escape this hell by getting more sleep, existence itself will forcefully wake you up, hunt you down to flush you out of whatever pseudo-haven you choose to hole up.

We are on this planet for only one reason: "To love" and not to "be loved". To do that we have to perfect our talents, the qualities that the Father himself, fragmenting himself in us, entrusts to us to broaden his awareness and his love.

The Book in numbers:
Pages: 288
Author: Enrico D'Errico
Necklace: The wise
Images: And
Edition: 2019

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