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Francesco Boer

Imagination is not a state of mind

Imagination is not a state of mind

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The living presence of symbols from ancient history to the present day, and the importance of imagination to discover and build the sense of the world.

This book is a journey of exploration in stages with the figure of symbols. Not an easy task. The symbol he speaks to us but, to do so, he demands from us a considerable effort of inner cleansing, he is a merciless mirror who will have no qualms about sending his own image of the moment back to the sender.

“Imagination is not a state of mind: it is human existence itself”, so the title of the book. What is absolutely true, we see what we are able to imagine, first, in our mind: we create the world we are able to imagine! And the symbols help us, they force us to be an active part, they shed light on the connections, they broaden our ability to see, and therefore, to imagine. Here, suddenly, our world becomes bigger, more vivid, more vital.

The Book in numbers:
Publication date: 2019
Pages: 200
Author: Francesco Boer
Language: Italian

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