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Paola Gabrielli

Homer's shadow

Homer's shadow

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Manual for win happiness and hold on to it

Man is a strange being: he toils, he damns himself, he even dies, in an attempt to achieve happiness. The strange thing is that, often, this great "milling" instead leads him in the opposite direction: unhappiness. This advance, running towards Happiness, is actually running away from it. Why? This question is worth asking.

This book is a Handbook for Conquering Happiness and hold on to it. Many Publishers have a "Manual for finding Happiness" in their catalogue, but they do not have this manual. This manual is made of meat. It is made up of stories, of the struggle between Homer and Happiness, between shadow and light that reconcile in a liberating embrace.

This manual is incomplete, like all true teachings it points the way but leaves room for the reader to complete it himself [how could it be otherwise?].

Paola Gabrielli, the author, leads us confidently, story after story, stage after stage, on this journey. In the end we will find what we wouldn't expect to find: ourselves! [...but where have you been so far?]

This manual is many different manuals, as many as there will be its readers.

The Book in numbers:
ISBN: 9788898750528
Publication date: 2018
Author: Paula Gabrielli
Necklace: The wise
With 16 coloring mandalas

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