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Nicoletta Geniola

The pedagogy of the real child

The pedagogy of the real child

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The educational relationship for parents of the new era

The author, in this book illustrates a pedagogy new, as a life project aimed at bringing about real changes in the educational relationship. The work is aimed not only at the parents of the new era and at those who contemplate becoming one, but at all those who intend to live the relationship with themselves and with each other in a responsible and aware way.

The pedagogy of the real child makes a notable contribution to the educational debate, between Instructivism and Constructivism. The author's ability to focus attention in favor of the enactive theory with respect to previous didactic visions is characterized as a rejection of the mind-world and subject-object dualism: her conception of the educational process recognizes the relationship of mutual specification and co- emergence of the subject and of the real together, in other words the relationship between parents and children.

Yes The pedagogy of the real child, Nicoletta's ontological exegesis goes beyond the limits of the cognitive, to the point of affirming that: “A child is not just a child, it is much more: it is an informed field”. Here a dimension closely related to quantum physics opens up and, as can be seen from the text, reading explicitly takes us back to BioQuantic gnoseology of being. According to this vision, the universe is shared, the dichotomy between observer and observed, between matter and energy, between creator and creature, between adult and child, loses meaning.

The book contains 11 practical exercises.

The Book in numbers:
Pages: 200
Author: Nicoletta Geniola
Necklace: The wise
Edition: 2020

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