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Valeria Menozzi

The science of sand. Geomantic Divination Manual

The science of sand. Geomantic Divination Manual

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Handbook of Geomantic Divination

Those who practice divination techniques know it: they are not primitive means used by man to dialogue with his unconscious, but real forms of culture, inextricably intertwined with the history, philosophy and religion of the peoples in which they are widespread.

Becoming an expert in a divination takes time, dedication, faith. The so-called soothsayer, who guesses absolutely nothing, but deduces and translates the language of the Psyche, is first of all an initiate, a person who has traveled a deep introspective path before being able to connect with the Lords of Fate. He must have made his own the immense knowledge of the ancients, in order to be able to put it at the service of his contemporaries. This is why these techniques are defined as Arts: it is not enough to know how to practice them and know the technique, you must first of all consecrate yourself to it.

And as with all art forms, they must be safeguarded, studied, conserved and practiced so that they do not fall into decline.

There geomantic divination it is perhaps the oldest existing divinatory art. It not only offers effective responses if practiced wisely, but it testifies to the knowledge of ancient peoples, it tells us about their spiritualities, poems, stories, legends.

Simply put, the geomanzia puts us in touch with the deepest layers of our soul, where the archetypes that populate, since the dawn of time, the collective unconscious of our species reside.

The Book in numbers:
Pages: 176
Author: Valeria Menozzi
Necklace: The wise
Edition: 2021

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