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Damiano Checchin

La tecnica pranoterapica MCC

La tecnica pranoterapica MCC

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The MCC Pranotherapeutic Technique (Checchin Channeling Method) is a methodology aimed at developing pranic and healing energy, according to the basic concept that everything is prana. We are energy, in turn immersed in an immense energy source and, as receivers, we tune into the frequencies that transform this force, sometimes consciously, sometimes without knowing it.

Anyone, with the right training and particular exercises, can become a pranotherapist, or rather, an energy channeller. The simplicity and extreme effectiveness of the procedure guarantee concrete and exciting results, from the first day of application.

This Manual is a learning or improvement text for those who already practice energy treatments. It flows in a linear way, with food for thought for a healthy and harmonious lifestyle. He does not tell the fairy tales that we often read in books of a spiritual nature: miracles, magic, spectacular healings or sudden resurrections; talks about an ancient, functional and simple practice that can give well-being to anyone who practices it or requests it.

The Book in numbers:
Pages: 272
Author: Damiano Checchin
Necklace: Equanimous
Edition: 2023

If not in stock the book is printed in print on demand with delivery in approximately 7/10 working days (an ecological choice).

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