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Jacques Abbadie

The art of knowing yourself

The art of knowing yourself

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Or Examination of Principles of Morals

Jacques Abbadie (1654 - 1727) is an author little known in Italy, despite his importance within that border area represented by the spirituality and from Christian mysticism. A certain laziness inherent in both the seeker and the reader, a certain resistance to knowing oneself, prevents one from seeing beyond the limited horizon of what is already available, leaving deep holes in the educational path of lovers of the subject. Undoubtedly the life of this popularizer was characterized by being a refugee from him, a condition that led him to abandon his native France to take refuge in Berlin and subsequently, to alternate between Ireland and England.

Having experienced religious persecution, and having been so profoundly marked by it, led him to develop those profound reflections on human nature and its often irrational action, which form the core of the book presented here. Wise is the one who, in the face of what may be an impetuous tornado or a slight breeze, will be able to see that key to profound reading, capable of providing a new perspective of inner and outer life, therefore developing the art of knowing oneself.

Every man has this possibility and Abbadie saw it in the inner "perfection", through a precise examination of the elements, apparent and hidden, but proper to the Christian mysticism, which determine his action in the quaternary world and his approach or otherwise to that immortality, that self-knowing, from which his sloth drives him away.

The Book in numbers:
Pages: 304
Author: Jacques Abbadie
Translator: Mauro Ceruli
By: Philip Goti
Edition: 2020
Format: 14.8x21cm

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