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Heinz Grill

Keep the thoracic space healthy

Keep the thoracic space healthy

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A prophylaxis against breast cancer from the point of view of yoga. This text, reworked and expanded, brings in particular the desire to open up new possibilities for the prevention and regeneration of pathological phenomena that arise with increasing frequency in the thoracic space.

Over the years, some may have found that the thoracic spine is no longer as supple, as mobile, and as erect as it once was in youth. What lies behind incipient stiffness and often painful movement restrictions, and how can we prevent this with yoga?

Heinz Grill is a yoga master and spiritual teacher and at the same time has good knowledge in the medical field. His expositions must be interpreted from this point of view.

Keeping the thoracic space healthy, some topics: Where is the center of the human being ? - The importance of the thoracic spine - Soul enlivening of the exercises through content - The distinction between emotion and sensation - The tripartition of the human being according to an esoteric example of Rudolf Steiner - The center develops through sensible thought guidance - The development of sensations close to the heart - Exercises for the development of a feeling of warmth in the rhythmic system - A rhythm should be constructive and healthy - The psychic effect of a folding of the soul - Liveliness of the confrontation - Different simple and challenging exercises - The training of concentration in the exercise - The center of the human being.

The Book in numbers:
ISBN: 9791280418142
Pages: 144
Author: Heinz Grill
Necklace: Equanimous
Edition: 2021

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