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Frater Efes

Esoteric mathematics

Esoteric mathematics

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Pythagorean numerology It is Kabbalistic gematria

“Mathematics is the language in which God wrote the universe”. It is a quote from Galileo Galilei, who however was aware of reiterating a much older awareness. Pythagoras told us that everything he knew he owed to the priests of Egypt.

In this book, we present, according to the Masonic lectio, the 10 sacred stages of the Pythagorean numerology, a body of knowledge made up of timeless ideas and symbols in which we are completely immersed and on which we are still totally dependent today.

This series of books belongs to this Tradition and intends to bear witness to it faithfully. Faced with the apparent entropy of contemporary initiatory schools, we also assume our responsibility to do everything necessary to ensure that the Golden Thread does not stop, and passes authentic and vital into the hands of the next generations.

In the 2nd volume of the series we introduce our readers to the fascinating mysteries of Numerology and Kabbalistic gematria. Also in this case we publish, illustrated and commented, a complete series of consecutive Masonic Tables, organized as a basic esoteric course for apprentices, dedicated to the Numerological doctrines of Pythagoreanism relating to the first 10 numbers constituting the "Divine Tetractys", the Magic triangle in which the essential dynamics of the Primary Energies of the Universe are depicted. Finally, these principles are juxtaposed and placed in relation with the Kabbalistic system of the 10 Sefirot of the glyph of the Tree of Life and with the great Mystical Jewish Numerology known as Gematria, which is carefully presented and illustrated here in its most widespread and meaningful forms.

The Book in numbers:
Pages: 144
Author: Brother Ephesus
Necklace: Western Esoteric Traditions
Images: And
Edition: 2020

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