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Nitrogeno 4 - International review of Operative Alchemy

Nitrogeno 4 - International review of Operative Alchemy

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Nitrogeno is intended as a powerful tool to pursue the worldwide diffusion of alchemic principles and practices, since is the opinion of the founding crew that the current moment in history is the right time to revive this form of art and knowlwdge.

The aim is to make alchemy easy to understand and to practice for everyone, at the same time showing the strong connection existing between alchemy and other fundamental issues such as respectively Meditation, Spirituality, Philosophy, Arts, Healing, Pharmacology, Ayurvedic Culture, Epistemology and Scientific Research.

These days call high and strong for a new and wider circuit for the circulation and exchange of Knowledge, in order to help all those of good will to work out a deep and powerful revolution at the level of their individual thoughts, conscience, and actions.

Nitrogeno is therefore, with no doubt, a very ambitious project capable of generating a new awareness of the Ancient Traditions so to convey the knowledge that they treasured for the benefit of today’s world. And the time to do this is right Now!

In this Issue:

  • Disclaimer
  • Editorial
  • A simple arcana for beginners. A Potable Gold - by Ignazio Neri
  • Importance of Salt Principle in Alchemy - by Steve Kalec
  • HUANG TI - He said
  • Earthquake Protection Valve - by Domenico Caputo
  • Introducing Cold Fusion to students with a typical experiment - by Ludwik Kowalski
  • Sacred Art. Interview with Marco Bagnoli - by Leonardo Anfolsi
  • Energy Medicine: futuristic Healing with ancient roots - by Dana Ullman
  • Mattei - The alchemist and his castle - by Leonardo Anfolsi
  • LU TUNG PIN - He said
  • Chinese Alchemy praxis of inner circulation in order to achieve immortality
  • Mang Xiao. Sodium Sulfas Po Xiao Mirabilitum or Mirabilite [Natural Glauber Salt] - by Leonardo Anfolsi
  • Tartar as it is - by Maria Rita Toschi
  • Alchemy in Poetry - Louise Bogan (1897 – 1970)
  • The Alchemy of Fulcanelli. An Alchemy of Light - Part 2 - by Jean Artero
  • Francesco I de Medici and his “Studiolo” in Palazzo Vecchio, Florence - by Rebecca Rossi Schlessinger
  • The Alchemy of Immortality. Zhang Guolao - by James Collins and Leonardo Anfolsi
  • ISAAC NEWTON - He said

ISBN: 9788898750375
ISSN: 2499-6734
112 pages
188.989 characters
38.113 words
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