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Paola Marchi

New Sufi Novels

New Sufi Novels

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The New Novels by Sufis, for children, illustrated in this book by Paola Marchi , fit into the secular Sufi tradition which has its roots in Persian, Arab, Turkish culture, both written and oral. For this reason, sometimes they are not traceable to any specific author.

They are a very vital work tool, a didactic material used according to a single criterion: the credit that the Sufis themselves grant them. They are therefore functional at the moment. Therefore, the usual criteria – historical, literary or otherwise – cannot be applied to decide what should be included or excluded.

This same criterion was used by the author for the choice of the stories illustrated here: that is, to bring to the attention of the Western reader and to his current historical/social context, albeit in a non-denominational way, some of the profound teachings contained in these stories.

For Paola Marchi, the idea of ​​illustrating some short stories belonging to the Sufi tradition stems from the need to be able to pass on to children the seeds of wisdom they contain and contribute to this invisible chain of living wisdom.

The New Novels by Sufis it is a book that remained crystallized for eight years, after an initial and promising contact with the late Gabriel Mandel Khan, then Khalifa of the Jerrahi Halveti Sufi Brotherhood in Italy and some sporadic appearances at birthdays or parties of the author's children. Now it has finally found maturity and the opportunity to be published.

IBSN: 9788898750481
80 pages
Recommended age: from 3 years with the help of an adult - 16 years

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