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Giovanna Mulas

Oration on the Dignity of Man

Oration on the Dignity of Man

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To the children of a New Humanity: the irremediable condition of individual beings as the primordial origin of human pain ?

“Revolution, my children… I want to write it with that capital R, the same as Remembrance (knowing the past will help us prepare for the future with less concern), Ransom (working for those who cannot defend themselves, for those who do not know their rights), Noise (that every action and thought are first aimed at the maximum, public awareness), Righteousness (with innocence and purity I will guard and have my life, my Art guarded), Ruin (fall of the walls built by man for man, the work, united, for a New Humanism) and Rejection (of any form of corruption, hypocrisy). "R" fierce and proud, aware of her rights, without fear of flying over the fences ... ”

We have paid a very high price for Knowledge. The individuality that makes us unique also makes us profoundly alone. And this solitude - symbolized by physical death - is well evidenced by all traditions, spiritual or philosophical. Let us cite, for example, the Sufi mystics who through the symbolism of the Ney, the reed flute with a melodious and painful sound due to having been cut and separated from the reeds, yearn for the end of this separation; or the Alchemical Work, with its three passages: Nigredo, Albedo, Rubedo.

It was a necessary rebellion, an individual separation, an apparent movement of pride but, instead, a vital necessity that will finally allow us to return, thanks to the individual struggle, to the Origin and reintegration with the Whole. This return can only happen with the acceptance of this pain and its transformation. Insisting on denying this is just an ephemeral palliative that unnecessarily prolongs the pain. The author knows this well, expert and confident Helmsman in the ocean of history and the human soul.

The spiritual testament by the award-winning writer, a letter to children of tomorrow.

The Book in numbers:
Publication date: 2019
Format: 11,5x19cm.
Pages: 144
Author: Giovanna Mulas
Necklace: The wise

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