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Corto Monzese

The Alchemical Oval

The Alchemical Oval

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The alchemical Oval, Épos of rugby as a metaphor for life, in a mystical book and full of revelations:

Because the door of rugby is it H-shaped and the team consists of 15 players? What is the spirit that animates the Third Half of rugby and the rites of the locker room? What makes a team successful both on the playing field and in life? Why can passing the ball backwards in rugby become an exercise with a high spiritual content? Who was really William Webb Ellis and what really happened that day in Rugby?

In this book the author brings into play a rugby match between his intellectual world, dedicated to Traditional Psychology, and his almost primitive emotional world, alchemy. The many years spent abroad for work and the activity of manager of a rugby ClubHouse in recent times are, in a certain way, the testimony of this true, natural and instinctive habitat/habitus.

Prefazione di Leonardo Anfolsi Reiyo Ekai

IBSN: 9788898750290
Author: Corto Monzese
142 pages
36.525 parole
52 illustrations

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