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Packages of love

Packages of love

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Being in the lightness of being. Here is a rather strange little book. Unique in its kind, it represents a life oriented towards self-knowledge. Khenebish is a human who has lived and searched, he did it with meekness and reflexivity.

Who dares to speak of the Spirit he finds himself facing an abyss, bordering on the permissible, in an uncommon existential condition. Talking about it seems an absolutely inconvenient fact, and it's better that a decent, civilized and educated little person doesn't talk about it at all.

The Spirit cannot be seen, cannot be heard, cannot be touched: it cannot be known with our physical senses, but it can be perceived through its continuous and multiple manifestations. When the manifestation comes in close contact and the union between the Spirit and ours is accomplished Inner self, then the indescribable essence that is within us feels in a concrete way its intimate touch, ineffable and unspeakable if we try to express it with common language.

This touch is silent and hidden, subtle, demure in its delight. To be warned, the heart needs to be free from noise and distractions while it lies in wait - the lightness of being - in the maximum concentration of the ear of the mind that yearns, in silence, for the unlistenable.

The Book in numbers:
ISBN: 9788898750542
Author: Khenebish
160 pages
91,387 characters
887 parole

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