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Alessia Susani

Black sheep. Stories of humans outside the fence

Black sheep. Stories of humans outside the fence

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Black sheep is a work that travels lightly and intensely in the sea of ​​thought "out of the core"; I am stories of humans outside the fence , is the voice of those who have not been hypnotized by the media, which through the media manipulation they impose a single truth, that of the system.

Never like in this period, marked by the pandemic and the contraction of ours freedom , politics and the economy have shown their true colors, without any shame, in the light of day. Every comparison is denied, freedom of opinion is dead. Because of obsessive bombing, individuals have convinced themselves that the advantages correspond to freedom, having lost contact with the authentic freedom of their own autonomous, creative and discriminating thought. It is precisely the advantages that enslave them. However, not everyone is asleep.

The protagonists of Alessia Susani's book find themselves perhaps halfway between the confines of the universe of linear time and the boundless space of the eternal present. They are adults who play at life, who don't get bored, who don't complain, who search for what satisfies them deep down, attracted by an ideal of truth, freedom, justice and beauty, whatever the cost. I am authoritative voices, which clearly reveal the hidden plot. I am brave human beings. This book talks about it honestly.

The Book in numbers:
Pages: 136
Author: Alessia Susani
Necklace: The wise
Edition: 2021

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