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Valentino Bellucci

SCIENZE VEDICHE. Ayurveda e Vastu (medicina e architettura)

SCIENZE VEDICHE. Ayurveda e Vastu (medicina e architettura)

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Out on September 15th

The world has finally come to a turning point. Certain forces oppose change, but darkness cannot truly oppose light. Knowledge of the Vedas and the Vedic sciences they are the light of knowledge in a universe dominated by darkness.

This is why these two introductory essays are proposed again to the reader who wants to approach this ocean of wisdom... to create a NEW WORLD.

All the Vedic sciences they derive from a unity of knowledge, where no discipline can be separated from the other, and this applies in particular to the medical science of Ayurveda. The term Ayurveda means: āyu (life) and veda (knowledge), knowledge of life. The āyurvedic doctor does not tackle an organ to be repaired, but indicates to his patient an integral lifestyle, where care, medicine, psychology and spirituality must go hand in hand.

Even housing, in Vedic culture, has a very close relationship with our body and our mind; if Ayurvedic medicine treats the internal aspects (body, mind and soul) the science of Answer deals with the external aspects with which the living being is in constant relationship (home, nature, energies of the cosmos).

The Book in numbers:
Pages: 240
Author: Valentino Bellucci
Necklace: Eastern Esoteric Studies
Publication: 2022

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