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Francesco Boer

Simboli dei Vangeli

Simboli dei Vangeli

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In this book we are not concerned with the history of interpretation. The Christian writings from the past are a source of inspiration, but we don't have much use in knowing what a piece of data meant symbol for one or the other exegete.

What matters is what that symbol can mean to us, what it can tell us to shed light on concrete and spiritual problems that we face in this delicate period.

I sacred texts they have come to us through a chain of copies and translations, in which errors, additions and omissions have been inserted.

According to some, these changes take away the authority of the sacred text, which would thus become a book like any other, written by man, and not revealed by the spirit. In my opinion the exact opposite is true: these changes they allow the text to live, to continuously adapt to the moment in which they are inserted, without becoming fossilized in an immutable sequence of words.

It's as if the story to have breathed: in this way, despite being written by the hand of man, it remains in a certain sense truly inspired.

The Book in numbers:
Pages: 176
Author: Francesco Boer
Necklace: The wise
Edition: 2021

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