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Daniela Bongini

Sussidiario dei DevAnimaLi

Sussidiario dei DevAnimaLi

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Elementary Teachers for ours inner child
Dialogues with the Spirit of 20 Animals

“…You are no longer children, you are becoming adults. You have a level change, like in a school, you are moving up to a higher class. […] You must take off your clothes, the ones you have worn so far, strip naked, look straight at yourself in the mirror and see what you actually are in this moment and what you have to face, what is the next step in your development. […] You are too tied to your ego, to your habits, to the things you have faced so far, good or bad it doesn't matter. You are too viscerally connected to this navel of your soul, you have to tear yourself away from there and go beyond. […] Even if you see storms and lightning, that path must be faced. The more you see storms, the more they scare you, the more you tremble inside, the more you have to take that path. You must go beyond the thunder, the lightning and the storm [...] Remember that this is a decisive, DECISIVE moment, it is an opportunity that you must not miss. […] Your wings will bloom soon. […] We are here to protect you […]”. These words of the Horse, which concludes the cycle of messages in funnel of the first twenty animals, which also contain the fundamental message of all the others and the meaning of this book for ours inner child: the indication of an exceptional moment of crisis, the opportunity for an evolutionary leap for the entire planet, the need for a higher level of communication and collaboration not only between humans but also between beings of every race and kingdom, including therefore their “people”.

The Book in numbers:
Pages: 192
Author: Daniela Bongini
Illustrations: Daniela Bongini
Necklace: NarrActions
Edition: 2023

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