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Valentino Bellucci

Parallel universes

Parallel universes

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Esotericism in the Thought of Leibniz to move in infinity.

Towards the end of the seventeenth century the esoteric knowledge came at sunset. For centuries, many schools and academies have studied, disseminated and preserved it. But with the advent of the Age of Enlightenment, things changed profoundly.

The Goddess Reason is separated from the God of the heart and something abominable is born. Heartless Reason has produced an alienated society, runaway industry, and all kinds of political totalitarianism.

If we eliminate the initiatory knowledge of past civilizations we lose the science of the heart, the techniques that allow us to understand what goes beyond the schemes of dual logic and categories. Leibniz tried to counteract all this, proposing an exact, mathematical, scientific philosophy that at the same time could collaborate with the most intimate and sublime mystique.

The Book in numbers:
Pages: 80
Author: Valentino Bellucci
Necklace: Eastern Esoteric Studies
Images: 5
Edition: 2019

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