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Leonardo Anfolsi

Zen Naikan. The ancient alchemy of the Rinzai Zen

Zen Naikan. The ancient alchemy of the Rinzai Zen

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Raise brings harmonious well-being, continuous joy, the firmest aid to healing to those who practice it, and encourages the highest spiritual realization.

"When one learns to be quiet and simple, free from torments, the ancestral energy spontaneously conforms to this, producing an integral and pervading qi-energy. If this energy is kept inside how could I get sick? The point is to keep this qi-energy inside, pervading and giving support to the entire body so that between 360 points and 84,000 pores there is not the breadth of a hair without it. Know that this is the secret to preserving life. ”- Hakuin zenji

Raise is a gift that comes from Zen Buddhism of the Rinzai school, from monks and lay people dedicated to the realization of the strength of the spirit, mind, energy and body. While technological prostheses external to us develop due to the materialistic mentality, the Zen Naikan encourages us to make ourselves ardor, strength, spring knowledge and freedom. The word naikan was used specifically by Master Hakuin Ekaku, only three centuries ago, to define a method of energy cultivation associated with a new concept of dynamic meditation practice and suitable for both laity, who carry out an active life in society, and monks practitioners.

Including 21 Traditional Exercises

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