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About Count Mattei’s Electrohomeopathy

Leonardo Anfolsi

The formulas and the preparations his legacy today in Europe and India. Count Cesare Mattei created the first multinational pharmaceutical company, with 107 locations and more around the world, what we would call today a “multinational company with great geographical dispersion”.

This EH company represented and sold - or offered to the poor - the medicines for which the Count became famous. He was especially well-loved among nobles, monarchs and leaders - from the USA to Japan - who often went to Italy, to his Castello di Riola, to receive his diagnosis and his cure, which he always gave in the presence of a responsible doctor. For years his remedies could be bought only in the Vatican City. Despite the Count’s very good faith and his good will, and the fact that his medicines proved to be more than effective - shockingly so, in some cases - he was opposed and assaulted by the dogmatic medical technocrats of his time.

While people worshiped Mattei all over the world, the politicians hated him. They wished his death and managed to kill his mind with their blind hatred and repeated repression. Meanwhile all over the world Mattei's remedies were prescribed with enormous success. But two years before his death, the Count could no longer produce his medicines, which began to fail worldwide - all at the same time. Thus what both jealous doctors and politicians had tried to demonstrate in vain for a long time came true. His rivals wanted to bury the Count's memory forever, but it survived in the gratitude of famous historical figures, who cited it as a shining example for future generations, from Dostoevskji to Pius IX, from US president Cleveland Grover to the Czar's family.

The Russian writer Dostoevskji wrote, in his The Brothers Karamazov:

"But what philosophy and philosophy, when all the right side of the body paralyzed me and I do nothing but moan and complain. I have tried all the remedies of medicine: they know how to make the diagnosis in an excellent way, they know your illness as the palms of their hands, but they are not able to cure. [...] Desperate, I wrote to Count Mattei, who sent me a book and some drops, may God bless him."


What about TODAY

There are various realities in the world that call themselves Electrohomeopathy and use pharmaceutical and herbal methods, usually related to the fields of homeopathy and / or spagyry. This is true especially in India. We must recognize the validity of most of these methods, even if none of them is ultimately derived directly from Mattei’s EH pharmacopoeia. They derive instead from the reworkings of several pharmacists and doctors (Krauss, Engels, Zimpel, Bellotti, Ponzio and Venturoli), who tried to reproduce the medicine of Count Mattei. They certainly obtained many valid results, and healed many patients, but without ever achieving the full effectiveness of the Count’s remedies.

My task now is to demonstrate that these preparations, repertories and materiae medicae are legitimate, just as the various homeopathic schools deriving from the science that Samuel Hahnemann intuited and exposed are legitimate. Whether a school is unicist or homotoxicological does not matter, although in homeopathy we have had cases of dogmatism. What matters is that remedies cure the sick, and that they do it well and quickly, by changing something in the patients’ lives, helping them enter a new awareness. In the same way, EH will be able to face the constantly evolving future that awaits it. Since EH is still an evolving therapeutic system that many Indian pharmacists and physicians are studying and employing, it is extremely valuable. In India you should be proud to have many vocal exponents of this discipline, some of whom have given their lives so that the world may benefit from this extremely effective medicine.

What I am about to expose is the latest research of a team of experts (doctors, pharmacists, engineers, naturopaths, scientific researchers, lawyers) who form the Rocchetta Mattei Committee. We thank Claudio Carelli, Alessandro Paltretti - well known by Indian homeopaths - and the whole committee, for protecting the birthplace of Mattei’s electromyopathic enterprise. The historical places where Count Mattei lived still maintain the secret of his formula and preparations.

I sum all these historical findings with my personal technical laboratory experience. From the historical knowledge we have, we have understood a possible production path of EH remedies. Understanding the EH approach is useful for understanding the validity of any EH path, which should start from the same assumptions, even if using different formulae or preparation methods.

What I am about to present comes from the fact that the current Indian Government, like the previous ones, has justly created a consortium for the verification EH. Hopefully this will lead to the creation of a list of doctors who refer to EH, given that in the meantime the Indian EH approach (which mainly follows Krauss) has healed many people.


What's new?

Three different experts have agreed on what secret that prefix "Elettro" never revealed by Count Mattei was. We each sensed it, independently of the others. After all, the essential features of the secret - though not so obvious in all its details - have always been under the eyes of all, if only they would stop projecting their personal psychological, scientific or esoteric opinions onto the Count.

Of course, Zimpel, Krauss, Bellotti, Ponzio and Venturoli reacted to the Count's will not to reveal the preparation by inventing their own. The EH we have today is the daughter of that research. But for his part the Count had an excellent reason not to reveal the preparation of his miraculous remedies - something that may be understood only by knowing this preparation. I also believe that some will be able to intuit part of what we have discovered by reading carefully what we have written here.


So let’s have a first Definition of EH

  • EH is a cure and a therapeutic method that can be fully considered as Alternative or Complementary Medicine according to the World Health Organization (WHO / WHO).
  • EH is a historical development of both alchemy (iatrochemistry) - notably the Van Helmont and Lefevre spagiria - and Hahnemannian homeopathy, although it seems - with the use of synergistic compounds - to follow the same inspiration as Rademacher and then Von Bernus, who will eventually also reach Reckeweg with his homotoxicology.
  • EH has a triple component:
    a) spagyry - as Mattei used the spagyric process to extract specific qualities of the plants he used
    b) homeopathy - considering that Mattei's medicines were minimally dynamized (let’s say 2 dx or 1 ch that’s to say in dynamization two decimals or 1 centesimal)
    c) electricity - understanding that its drugs had a contribution of exceptional quality and power to be able to be so incisive, it is evident that they underwent some particular conditioning, about the nature of which, over the decades, we have theorized a lot and on which we now have some certainty that we are actualizing with appropriate experiments.


Four Highlights of EH

  • The EH of Count Cesare Mattei (point c) was produced mainly thanks to the specific physical form of his castle, with which he was able to recall telluric and space forces, forces often referred to by the Count, even leaving testimony on his own grave.
  • EH by Count Cesare Mattei - as far as we know from our research - it is not possible to duplicate precisely but, knowing the source of its third component - what the Count called electricity - we are hopeful that we may obtain the same quality. We are experimenting and researching this.
  • The EH of Count Cesare Mattei - contrary to what has been said - is not based on spagyric formulas, but merely uses them as a "base" to direct the effect of individual remedies thanks to further dynamization and with “electricity”. Often the Count emphasized - certainly exaggerating - that, after all, he could formulate his own medicines using vegetables instead of officinal herbs. It is the third component, therefore, the last secret of the Mattei formulation, that prefix "electro", therefore, really wanted to say something. Moreover, the chemical analysis of some of his remedies attests what he says; we found nothing inside except in minimal traces.
  • The EH of Conte Mattei also has an important "personal" component, being also constituted by the contribution of Mattei himself. My opinion is that this contribution has the task of directing the electric / spagyric / homeopathic therapeutic power of the preparation towards the healing of the human body, as a sort of fine tuning towards the precise functions to be achieved, designated by the titles as "scrofulous" or “cancerous" or "angioitico" and with the various colors for the electric waters, positive or negative, that’s to say the “elettricità” in Italian, called in english “electalin or electricities”.


To conclude:

The importance of the EH pharmaceutical multinational founded by Cesare Mattei is an historical fact that had international renown due to an incredible amount of succesful cures. The first essential fact is that Cesare Mattei showed how a medical matter composed only by vegetables can cure serious illnesses.

  1. first essential fact - as we said - is the use of herbs,
  2. second essential fact is the spagyric process - therefore of paracelsian derivation,
  3. the third essential fact is a weak homeopathic dynamization no more than 2 DX, that is to say 1 CH,
  4. the fourth accessory is the “electro” prefix...
  5. the concept of electricity, to which Krauss and Venturoli did not pay attention, fact to which we will give an answer in the future, but which does not constitute an essential negative variable to the membership of the Electro-Homeopathy family.

This said, we believe we have concluded our first expertise examinating EH.

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