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Elisa Eva Cappelli

Soul & Sword

Soul & Sword

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"The Art of War" written as if Sun Tzu were a woman.

This book is a real magnet. Just as the title attracts, so its content enchants. A precious book, in which the author takes a generous look at the weakest and most sensitive souls, often unaware or aware victims of the abuses of the "enemy" supremacy, often narcissistic.

Soul & Sword it revolves around a potential enemy, its objectives, its moves and strategies until it reaches the nakedness of the fact that the enemy, in reality, lives inside us. Like a novella Sun Tzu , Elisa Eva Cappelli moves a thought that acquires physicality, movement and strength as you proceed in reading. The text must be consumed and metabolized slowly.

Finally an approach from the feminine side, an integral part of each of us, who listens, dodges and blocks blows with welcome and acceptance. It rarely strikes, there is no need. The enemy is seen, welcomed, disarmed.

In carrying out this work, the author shows us a winning lifestyle, aimed at listening to oneself and at connecting with one's own centre, with one's heart, under the banner of values ​​and relationship life, understood in a more broad, like body, mind and spirit.

This book is also an in-depth look at the characteristics of the pathological narcissism and stands as a tool for those who enter or leave this type of relationship, or who have managed to transform and integrate.

With love. The author proposes the sublimation of the conflict in a sensual dance; the rediscovery of the sincerity of body dynamics. The text is accompanied by extensive photographic work on the subject.

The Book in numbers:
Pages: 120
Author: Elisa Eva Cappelli
Necklace: The wise
Edition: 2021

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