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Adriano Panaccione

The Five Steps to Joy

The Five Steps to Joy

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A manual for one path of awareness unique, Life Helping, the first developed and made entirely in Italy, which arises with the universal intention of realizing the true essence of each of us, what is defined as "Joy of Being". It is done through awareness, discovering and expressing who one really is, beyond the resistances, superstructures and social expectations in which we have been immersed in daily life since birth.

This manual was born as a response to a traumatic moment and profound discomfort that the author found himself living, but which reflects the difficult condition of all those who have experience of encounters with personalities such as narcissistic ones. This type of experience leaves deep scars in the soul and in the mind of the "survivors" who tend to have enormous difficulty in regaining possession of their existence after having experienced an attempt of almost total annihilation of their person. Life Helping is the answer to overcome these moments.

The Five Steps to Joy, introduction to Life helping it is the path that helps to create solid foundations in self-discovery and the joy of living that remain valid for life. A journey of exploration into one's Being through a method based on experience and learning by doing, guided step by step by the author.

The Book in numbers:
ISBN: 9791280418494
Pages: 232
Author: Adrian Panaccione
Necklace: The wise
Edition: 2023

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