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The Power of a Question

Il potere della Domanda

There are no right and wrong questions. And equally there are no allowed and legitimate questions nor not allowed, or illegitimate illegal questions.

The questions are valued for being useful or useless (and indeed this last thing ,“a really useless question”, is by far a very, very rare item to experience in life if you are a philosopher).

When an individual reaches the enlightenment that leads him to conceive and then materially formulate the Question, everything inside, outside and around changes irreversibly.
For everyone, for the one who has formulated the question, and for all those who listened to it or who just came across it.

Because in that very moment the question becomes a voice in the Space a generalized change of state occurs.

Everyone who listens to or meet the question has already landed instantaneously in a potentially more rectified, more evolved and advanced world as a result of it. Everyone is out of the old box, now, everyone is in a more or less unknown place which is beyond the wall, the border and the limits of the previous paradigm. In this new world the solution(s) to the Question may finally be (are) found. And the answer to the question, the solution of the puzzle will obviously be fairly important. But again, not per-se but as a prime quality cognitive by-product since it allows you to formulate The Next Question.

“Why dad?” “Why Mum?” your very children ask you all the time, exactly as you did as soon as you ceased to be a toddler.

Not being yet enlisted into our society of the submissive and defeated ones, our children with their constant pounding "why", this the game of “asking why” to their parents’ phisical exhaustion with all the enjoyment of seeing the adults perceivingly struggling and struggling even more as more implacable questions come from the young mouth to challenge them, show clearly that these questions are the powerful tool of their mental and personality development, as those are the original and healthy manifestation of an awakening or already awakened human mind.
At a certain age always comes a day when we will stop asking new questions while accepting everything that comes to us with our heads down and our mouth sealed because we realize that is more convenient doing so.

It ‘s clearly evident that what really matters in everyday life and in the spiritual dimension is to find a Question. Everyone of us has the responsibility of finding it and unleash its power. This one may be is the greatest and deepest teaching that at the end of the day the Jewish world has given as a gift to the rest of mankind.

The Question in fact projects your entire attention and desire out of your Ego focusing your mind on what is real and possibly true and good in this very world. With the question usually communication follows, as well as vitality and cooperation, sharing, altruism, ethics, activism, planning, positive thinking. At least this is what I think about if I visualize two students of the Yeshiva studying the Torah or the Talmud in pairs.

Eventually as long as we will remain confined into this body that lives, acts and thinks within these time and space sphere, we will probably never meet any ultimate Truth vis-a-vis.

Even Satori, Samadi, Devequt or Tawwid in their essence are ultimately just ineffable experiences of Contemplation. A contemplation which may contain the Primary Being’s promise to raise us all one day, like drones, high on the top of this Universe to look at the Big Picture from above and may be the promise to fulfill our desire to finally understand the meaning of everything, once we would be eventually outside the wheel of time and incarnations.

But not now. Now is the time, and this is the dimension, made to host our questions. The Holy, most holy and blessed product of our mind (rationality) heart (emotions) and body (experience of nature )when they are joined together and working as one: Questions.

"The sudden glimmer of Appearance” is the way that Pliny and, later, Wittgenstein referred to this phenomenon, the raising of a question to meet any possible answer.

This is the primary goal of Man's thoughts, words and actions: to succeed by the power of word, will and desire, at formulating the Right Question that will inevitably induce, for one single instant, the "The sudden glimmer of Appearance” that no longer show or possesses any aspect, robe or masks. Pure Being contemplated in its flowing, an Ocean of truth and reality, of which eventually we become, to some extent, aware of. It is up to us then to choose to flow ourselves into this ocean, as joyful drops, finally delivered.

Tzuriel Trevi
Founder of BeMarah Kabbalistic school
Non-dualistic Mequbal

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