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Is the culture edible?

La Cultura, è commestibile?

Really interesting this Cultural Cannibals Blog, which certainly creates emotion and interest right away, with this logo of two books that tear apart.

Anyway, isn't it true that ... appetite comes with eating?

In addition to the watering that I already feel arriving in my mouth, I feel that all the synapses of my brain PC are becoming animated and alarming, impatient to throw themselves into this beautiful Recherche.

In a moment, I am assailed by the images of Oscar Kiss Maerth, author of the famous, yet unobtainable, "The beginning was the end", a book that has as its subtitle ... revealed the mystery of the origin of man, intelligence it is edible.

Involuntary scribe of a message sent by celestial forces, Maerth tells the story of that "blessed" hybrid who was our ancestor, who became a cannibal for reasons of survival.

The brain of the monkeys that he kills in order not to be overwhelmed, and which he feeds on, becomes for him a real drug as well as a portentous aphrodisiac.

In the long run, this amazing psychophagic consumption increases his ability to understand the world, so it's true ... intelligence is edible = Culture is edible!

A drug which one cannot do without and which, fortunately, certainly does not make it ugly.

But my brain no longer stops and does not stop grinding images.

Now he attacks me with the writings of Mr. Gurdjieff, perhaps because I have just brought up certain aphrodisiac powers which, according to Maerth, would increase, exponentially, sexual desire.

Mr. Gurdjieff. he said that: “Everything people do is related to sex: politics, religion, art, theater, music, everything is 'sex'. Do you think people go to church to pray, or to the theater to see some new play? No, these are just pretexts. The main thing, in the theater as in the church, is that you can find women and men. Here is the center of gravity of all meetings. What is it that leads people to cafes, restaurants, parties of all sorts? One thing only: Sex. "

Immodestly, then, I would suggest to our dear FONTANA Publiscer ... Sex Cultural Cannibals Blog, since sex seems to be the mother / father of Intelligence / Culture, the engine of our world.

So under guys, come on ... let's all eat together!

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