Una scuola per l'Anima. Seconda parte Fontana Editore

A school for the Soul. Second part

As many of you will know, the vibrational frequency of our Planet is changing, it is rising, we are heading towards the fullness of the Age of Aquarius.

The Age of Pisces, preceding the current one, began with the coming of Christ and ended, after a transition phase that began around the 1960s, in recent years.

The sign of Pisces is notoriously dominated by the planet Neptune and, therefore, this Era has also manifested some of its characteristics, especially through the advent of Christ. In fact, he brought to planet Earth the vibration of Pure Love, which can be expressed as devotion, mysticism, compassion towards others, brotherhood, love for one's enemies, martyrdom as a gift and as a choice to follow one's mission to the end soul, overcoming fear.

As in every era, however, there were also shadows, which took the name of religious fanaticism, exasperated dogmatism, struggles, impositions and repression, often justified by a lack of understanding of the words and teachings of Jesus Christ and the great Masters.

Esoteric knowledge in this era has been kept away from places of mass education, as it is jealously guarded by small groups of the elect and enlightened or, in any case, self-proclaimed as such.

Vibrational change in practical terms means that what was good for the humanity of Pisces now must be transformed in order to adapt to the new frequency: since all matter is made of energy, this applies to human beings, but also to institutions, professions and religions.

This is not intended to be a negative evaluation of what was, because in the perfect evolutionary plan, this had its specific role and its specific reason for being. Indeed, we must always be grateful to the old, because the new somehow understands and surpasses it.

Simply now we are ready to take a step forward: from heteronomy we are ready to move on to autonomy. From the rules imposed on us from the outside, we are ready to discover the self-regulation that comes from the open Heart.

When I talk about changes and innovations I am referring to the possibilities that are made available to us to reach the Truth and not to the contents.
The goal is and will always be the same; the substance of the teachings is and will always be the same.

Only the roads to take to get to the top change. They change because what is taught in kindergarten is different from what is taught in Primary School and it is still different from what is taught in secondary schools.

Mathematics is always the same and the contents addressed at the same time Primary School they are not wrong: when, however, the school order is changed, they must be expanded and looked at from new perspectives and in a new light, also integrating aspects that had been left out until that moment, simply because it was not the time to address them.

Here, we inhabitants of the Earth are ready to face a new scholastic order, comparable, in comparison to other planets in the Galaxy, to Primary School, and this new beginning requires us to let go of some beliefs and also some impositions that religious institutions have transmitted to us so far, to abandon ourselves to an immediate (non-mediated) religion (re-ligo), in which each of us, putting in practice the true teachings of the great initiates, he will be able to access that Christ frequency that He carried in his heart until his death and resurrection.

The Age of Aquarius will then be characterized by a rediscovery of the value of simplicity, of the connection with everything, of the importance of the community, rather than of the single individual, of the ritual, of the celebration of life, of the celebration of Beauty here and now, of the mind working in synergy with the Heart, of the importance of intuition rather than intellect, but also of science applied to spirituality. There is a meeting area that is increasingly expanding between physics and spirituality, which is Quantum Physics.

Surely soon we will be able to give a "scientific" explanation to some events considered miraculous so far. And all this will be within everyone's reach, or, rather, all men and women on the road.

Everything is happening faster and times will be increasingly shorter, even in the spiritual sphere. Achievements that previously cost a lifetime of work and sacrifice can now be achieved much more quickly. This is also because, if previously initiatory science was closed in exclusive circles and only adepts could know its secrets, now the information is there, it can be found.

Obviously, having free access does not mean being able to fully understand them and become enlightened in a week. But the era of the ashram with the master and the adepts, at least in its earthly manifestation, is over. Enlightenment will no longer be an individual issue, but rather a group issue, where all the brothers heading towards the same goal will walk together, holding hands. Whoever is a little ahead of his brothers will act as a light for those who follow him, but the real strength will be the group.

Furthermore, I would like to point out that the transition to the New Era will not be automatic: it is not that everyone will necessarily, with the vibrational change of the planet, suddenly become Saints. There is the possibility of change for those who want. And he has to prove it by working hard. This change reflects a bit what will have to happen in the school.

Education has also often been the prerogative of religious institutions, which have maintained their dogmatic line even in the transmission of knowledge. “This is the truth, this is what is right because ipse dixit.” Education obviously had a decisive role in determining the social status of individuals: possessing certain knowledge and, therefore, having had a certain education allowed access to positions of power.

The children, however, in most cases, were not trained to reason, to ask questions and to exercise their critical thinking, something that instead happened in classical Greece and Cicero's Rome. The worrying thing is that, apart from a few isolated cases, on a large scale this is also valid for the current school.

Despite the latest ministerial guidelines inviting us to abandon face-to-face lessons and adopt a perspective that puts the individual, rather than the teacher, at the center of the learning process, the majority of teachers continue to be unable to abandon their teaching models.
“I've always done it this way, so why should I change?”
After all, energy always follows the lines of least resistance!

Now, however, we are given the possibility of directly accessing wisdom and the openings of the Heart are truly easier, we were saying. What if we brought spiritual teachings and practices into schools? Not as optional courses after "normal" school, but by integrating them into the curricula and training offer of the institute.

Because the fact that everything is so fast perhaps means that the synchronicities are favorable and that we no longer have excuses to put it off. The resources are there and there are many, the offer is wide and varied, suitable or adaptable to every soul inclination.
Why wait?

Let's take our responsibility now, first as parents and then as teachers, educators and masters. It is no longer the time for the cathedral transmission of notions, it is no longer the time to work exclusively on the mental level and, to a lesser extent, on the emotional level. Adapting to the change that is taking place means looking at children and young people as souls on a journey.
It is therefore right that schools become gymnasiums, gymnasia for the soul, in which one can learn the fundamental principles of self-work and the teachings of the great Masters, without neglecting the importance of classical literacy, each on the basis to their own inclinations.

To do this, obviously, the masters and professors of these schools will have to be highly trained, they will have to have worked on themselves and above all they will have to be able to see souls, just like the Masters of the ancient spiritual schools did.

Educere-educate does not mean giving everyone the same food, filling vessels considered empty with intellectual notions. We must, today more than ever, adopt a Socratic position: the maieutic art of the educator is comparable to that of the midwife. Just as the midwife assists and facilitates the birth of a woman who gives birth to a human being, so the educator assists and facilitates the birth of the truth that everyone already has within themselves, because we are Children of God.

It goes without saying that, just as every birth is unique (mothers know this well when they talk about their experiences), the path (method) effective for each individual is also different. There are souls inclined to develop will and power (see great entrepreneurs and creators of movements, companies, parties, start-ups, projects, multinationals) who will need to be educated to use their strength and charisma well so as not to remain victims. ; there are souls inclined to encounter others and care and then those qualities must be developed in them that will in turn make them educators or teachers or therapists; there are souls particularly sensitive to Beauty, who will need to be fed with works of art, good music, poetry and educated to see the Beauty in the Cosmos; there are Warrior souls, who feel the sacred fire flowing through their veins. The Master will ensure that this fire is fed and brought to vibrate in the higher Octave so that they act in the service of the Plan.
Furthermore, from around the 1980s to the present day, the so-called indigo and crystal children have arrived on earth.

I do not want to delve into the topic here, on which information can easily be found in dedicated books or articles: briefly, these are souls that already have a certain level of development, some at the level of will, some know how to maintain a presence in the here and now in a natural way, others can easily experience superior emotions, openings of the Heart, still others are natural therapists.
These qualities are often accompanied by a large amount of Fire which, if not recognized by parents or teachers, can lead these young adolescents to engage in aggressive, violent or self-destructive behavior. Do we want to recognize them and help them discover who they are or do we want to assist them as they seek the high with the help of magic powders?

There could be many examples, but I think the idea is clear: every soul has come to Earth to fulfill its mission. The sooner he becomes aware of this, with the help of teachers and the school community, the sooner he will be able to act according to his own evolutionary plan and the sooner he will realize himself in all areas. And this will benefit society as a whole.

Do we want young people and adults who are smart and happy or trained and unhappy?
The revolution starts right here. We have the future in our hands, we can act without causing a stir. Let's wake up souls immediately, let's make them escape the plans of collective sleep, almost no one will notice us, we won't make a stir, but, in the meantime, the Silent Revolution will begin.

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